Chances are, if you've already installed a heating or cooling system in your home or business (or moved somewhere that has), you've come to understand the value of protecting yourself from the outside elements in the place you live or work. And while traditional temperature control systems are no doubt a wonderful luxury of our modern world, Len Sciulli & Sons is the first to admit that such systems are from the perfect solution for many families or organizations. And the reason is simple; in almost any structure, there are more factors affecting the temperature than just the thermostat. Large amounts of sunlight in one room may make it significantly warmer, while other rooms may be exposed to harsher winds and less direct light. Basements and multiple stories further complicate the process, and this is before you begin to even consider people's individual preferences.

Luckily, with a zone-control system from Sciulli & Sons, all of these problems can be easily solved. With a zone control system, you can control the temperature of different areas of your home or business seperately, allowing you to account for the many other factors that are in play. This is particularly important for businesses, where different temperatures may be needed for different products or for different rooms (a large conference room say, as opposed to a corner office). Zone control systems can also be equally valuable in the home, where people's preferences can vary widely, as can the temperature from room to room. A traditional heating system, for example, can often leave a basement feeling toastily warm or even overly hot, while the upper floors still feel frigid. In both cases, the actual temperature is likely not to match that which you selected on the thermostat.

With a zone control system, you choose the number of zones you would like to control. Dampers are installed within the vents of your building and a seperate thermostat is put in each room. With zone control, you individually control the temperature of each zone, so that each can be equally comfortable and serve its proper purpose within your home or business. To hear more about zone control and the benefits it can have for you, including increased energy efficiency, call Sciulli & Sons today or visit us online.