high velocity systems Broomall, PA

In addition to ductless cooling systems, another terrific option for older homes and buildings is high velocity air conditioning. While a high-velocity system does require the installation of ductwork, the ducts put in place are significantly smaller than with traditional central air. As a result, high velocity systems can often be installed in buildings where there is not enough space for a traditional system. In addition, high velocity system cooling can provide a drier and more comfortable atmosphere because of their unique design.

With a high velocity system, small-diameter ducts are installed throughout the home or business and connected, as usual, to a condenser located outside (the only additional equipment required is an “air handler,” installed inside the home). Ducts are placed strategically throughout the building to maximize the efficiency of the system. Once installed, these ducts blow cold air into each room at a high velocity. Releasing cold air in this way allows for more circulation throughout the building, thus creating a more pleasant environment for all.