Geothermal Heating Systems Broomall, PA

It may be difficult to imagine, but even on the hottest of days or coldest of nights, the ground just below the Earth’s surface maintains a mild temperature, like the climate of Southern California. With a geo-thermal heating system, you can harness this natural phenomenon to cool, heat, and provide hot water for your home or business in one of the most effective and reliable ways available. And while the upfront costs of such a system may be significant, the resulting savings allow you to recover them in as little as 5 years. For years and years after that, your investment will be paying off with each and every lower utility bill you receive.

Geothermal systems come in all shapes and sizes, but all work by exchanging heat with the Earth through a “ground heat exchanger.” In order to reach the area beneath the Earth’s surface where temperatures remain fairly constant, most systems require the digging of trenches or other small-scale projects. In designing a system, Len Sciulli Heating and Air Condition will consider your climate, available land, and budget along with other factors to decided on the perfect system for you. For more information on the different types of systems in use today, visit the US Department of Energy’s website on geo-thermal heating and cooling.