Gas Fire Place Installation

Considering adding a fireplace to your home's new addition or an existing room? Growing tired of the time and energy required to operate and maintain a traditional wood fireplace? For years now, gas fire places have been providing all the wood-burning benefits at a fraction of the cost to your home, your wallet, or the environment as a whole. In addition to being installed for less than their wood-burning alternative, and costing less to clean and maintain, gas fireplaces also offer the benefits of being safer and significantly easier to operate.

Consider the ease with which a gas fire place can be turned on or off. With the flip of a switch, you can instantly have a blazing fire adding comfort and warmth to every square inch of the room. You can even have a remote controlled system if needed or preferred. No chopping firewood, moving logs through your yard and home, collecting tinder, or buying firestarters. With a gas fireplace, you can enjoy a pleasant fire without spending your time and energy to build it and maintain it. This makes them especially perfect for the busy schedules of many homeowners. And when it is time to leave the home or go to bed, you can simply flip the switch from "On" to "Off." No need to wait for the fire to die down or risk leaving it unattended.

In addition to saving you significant time and hassle, gas fireplaces can also save the air quality of your house from being ruined by the many potentially harmful byproducts of a traditional wood-burning fire. These fumes and particles are also kept out of our environment, creating a more sustainable home that is also safer for you and your family. Perhaps most importantly, with a gas fireplace, you can be free from the worry that sparks or leaping flames will be a danger to your children or your home in general.

To look further into the benefits of a gas fireplace and the many options you may consider, call Len Sciulli & Sons or visit online today. With a gas fire-place your, home does not need a chimney in place, and installation costs are significantly below that of other models. So what are waiting for? Contact us today.