Is Your Furnace on Its Last Leg?

Rely on an HVAC contractor for furnace repair and replacement work

How do you know when your furnace is about to break down? When your home loses heat, that's usually one of the first warning signs. Not only is dealing with a broken furnace uncomfortable, but it's also potentially dangerous if carbon monoxide leaks into your home and affects your health.

If you suspect your furnace may be on the fritz, you should call Len Sciulli & Sons, LLC right away to find out what repair or replacement services you need.

Call an HVAC contractor now to schedule furnace repair services.

What signs point to a furnace replacement?

Furnaces are not meant to last forever. Common furnace repair and replacement signs include:

  • A furnace that is 20+ years old
  • Unusually high utility bills
  • The need for constant repairs
  • Constant temperature fluctuations
  • Sudden headaches, bouts of nausea or dizziness
  • Strange banging or popping sounds coming from your furnace

When you call Len Sciulli & Sons, LLC to inspect your furnace, we'll determine what the best solution is quickly. Our team services all makes and models, including gas, oil and steam furnaces.

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