Ductless Air Conditioning Broomall, PA

For many customers, a traditional air conditioning system using ducts and airflow may not be the best option for cooling their building. Many older homes are not equipped with existing duct work, and their design can even make it impossible to install. In other cases, the cost of installing ductwork may simply be deemed unnecessary or excessive. For customers such as these, Len Sciulli & Sons can install a ductless cooling system that provides the same cooling benefits without the cost or hassle of installing ducts or other framework.

With a ductless cooling system, the only structural change made to your home (or business) will be a small hole for wires running to your outdoor cooling unit. These wires will then run to a indoor unit mounted high on the wall, out of the way of furniture or other items and, for the most part, out of sight. This indoor unit cools the room in which it is installed, and Len Sciulli & Sons will gladly install multiple units around your home for maximum comfort. For those looking to avoid the costs and intrusion of a duct installation project, ductless cooling is a far more efficient, powerful, and secure than window units, and they can be installed free of hassle at a fraction of the cost. For more information, call Len Sciulli & Sons today.