Chimney Liners

For centuries upon centuries, homes around the world have been designed and built centering around a fireplace or stove. In addition to providing warmth and comfort, fireplaces also have an aesthetic element and can help to create a sense of peace and calm within a room. At any rate, if you're lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, it is important to remember that there is much more to the structure than the small area that houses the flames. And since few places in your home present more dangerous risks, there is perhaps no area where it is more important to ensure that all the necessary equipment is in place functioning properly.

One of the most important parts of any fireplace system is the chimney liner. As smoke rises through the flue and chimney, there is the danger of combustible gas and other materials escaping into the building, destroying air quality and increasing the risk of a fire. To ensure that all the byproducts of a fire rise and exit your home safely through the chimney, a properly installed and maintained chimney liner is essential. While most homes built after 1940 had chimney liners installed during construction, these may still need to be repaired or maintained to ensure your home's safety. For homes built before 1940, and even some built after, a chimney liner may still need to be installed. As with every job, Len Sciulli & Sons guarantees the finest in professional workmanship and quality materials in installing, repairing, or maintaining your chimney liner- all at a sensible, affordable price.