It’s Time for Air Conditioning

achp-ac-evol-lgIt might still technically be winter, but warm temperatures are on their way. Before you know it, you’ll be stuck in your house on a 100 degree, humid day without a fully functioning air conditioner, wishing you had been prepared.

That’s why Sciulli & Sons recommends having your air conditioning system repaired, checked, or installed now before you end up with a summer scenario like the one above.When you wait too long, you’ll wind up choosing the most convenient contractor, and not necessarily the best.

Be sure to do your research when choosing a contractor, and know that Sciulli & Sons is fully licensed and insured and offers top-notch service. Last year the Better Business Bureau received over 9,000 complaints against cooling contractors and repair services, so finding a fully insured and licensed contractor is extremely important.

For more air conditioning information, visit Sciulli & Sons. Be sure to take a look at our specials and coupons.

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