Heating Repair and Service Newtown Square

For over 20 years, family owned Len Sciulli & Sons has provided Newtown Square with quality residential and commercial heating services, heater repairs, and heating system installations. We specialize in all types of heating applications, including furnace and boiler repairs. We ensure the job is done right the first time so you won’t need to call worry about constant maintenance.

boiler roomFurnace Repair and Service

The best furnace heating systems are dependable and can keep a home warm. Forced air systems are a popular option because the ducts can also be used for cooling. Plus, homeowners have the option of heating air with oil, gas, electricity, or propane, resulting in efficient and fairly inexpensive heat.

Some people prefer not to choose these heating systems because the ductwork takes up space in the walls. There’s also the potential for the circulating air to deliver allergens; thus, it is recommended that furnace owners service it once a year and replace the furnace every 15 years.

Boiler Repair: Baseboard and Radiator Heating Systems

Many Newtown Square homes use baseboard heating because it heats rooms evenly. These systems heat water in a boiler, heating the pipes that run along the baseboards throughout a home. These baseboards consist of copper pipes, and the system uses conduction to transfer heat from the water into the small convectors.

Baseboard heating systems have started to replace cast iron radiator systems that pump steam or water through a radiator unit in each room. These systems take up room space, and we recommend that those who want to keep their radiator system consider replacing old systems with smaller radiators or wall panel units.

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