Heating Repair and Service Montgomery County

For over 20 years, family owned Len Sciulli & Sons has provided quality Montgomery County heating services, from efficiency repairs to complete heater replacements. We specialize in anything and everything heating related, including furnace and boiler repairs. Plus, you won’t need to worry about constant maintenance because we’ll have your system installed properly from the start.

Boiler Repair Montgomery County: Baseboard and Radiator Heating Systems

Many Montgomery County homes use baseboard heating because of its ability to evenly heat rooms. These systems heat up water in a boiler, which then warms the pipes that run throughout the home. Baseboards consist of copper piper, and the system uses conduction to transfer the heat from water into the small convectors.

These baseboard systems are replacing many cast iron radiator systems because they run more efficiently throughout the home. If you prefer to keep your radiator system, we can replace a bulky system with a smaller radiator or install wall panel units to save space in your home.

Montgomery County Furnace Repair and Service

Forced air furnace systems are one of the most popular ways to heat a home. These systems utilize ducts to transfer heat throughout a home, and the system can also be used for cooling. The air is heated by oil, gas, propane, or electricity, and these systems are usually highly efficient and inexpensive. Plus, a forced air system gives homeowners the option to filter air, thus maintaining a better standard of indoor air quality.

If your home does not have preexisting ductwork, then this may not be the best option for you. Many older homes do not have the space to add ductwork, and it can be a costly job.

We recommend that you service your heating system once a year and replace the furnace every 15 years.

We provide heating service to the following Montgomery County towns and beyond:

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