Heating Repair and Service Ardmore

Experienced, licensed, and insured, Len Sciulli & Sons has Ardmore covered for any heat, boiler, or furnace installation and repairs.  Our commitment to hard work and dependability means you don’t have to worry about constant breakdowns, and if you do have a problem, you can always call our 24-hour emergency service. No matter what your heat service needs, from boiler repair to furnace repair, you can count on family and operated Len Sciulli & Sons.

boiler roomFurnace Repair and Service

Residents of Ardmore need an efficient furnace to keep their homes warm without breaking the bank even on the coldest days.  We commonly use forced air systems because they can be installed with a variety of power sources and the vents double as a cooling unit.

One downside of the forced air system is that the ducts take up significant space in the walls.  In addition, the ducts can artificially distribute allergens if the air is not filtered properly, but regular yearly maintenance and a new furnace installation every 15 years will keep your system working efficiently.

Boiler Repair: Baseboard and Radiator Heating Systems

Many homes now use a baseboard heating system to heat their homes evenly and maintain comfortable temperatures all year round.  This system uses a boiler to heat water and then utilises conduction to transfer the heat to small convectors.  Copper pipes spread heat evenly throughout your home.

These baseboard systems are the popular alternative to less efficient radiator systems, which require significantly more maintenance.  Most people prefer the baseboard system because it takes up less room and is more efficient, but there are ways to replace your radiator with a smaller version if you choose.

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