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Len Sciulli & Sons provides residential and commercial heating service, heater repair, and heating system installations to all of Delaware, Chester, Montgomery, Philadelphia counties. From our base in Broomall, we can service nearby homes and businesses. We specialize in all types of heating applications, including heat pumps, geothermal systems, as well as ductless and split systems. We also offer service maintenance contracts.  The most common heating systems include:

Furnace Repair and Service: Forced Air Heating Systems

Air is heated by a furnace and is delivered through ducts to the rooms in your home.  Forced air systems are one of the most popular ways to heat your home because the ducts can be used for both heating and cooling.  Air can be heated by oil, gas, propane or electricity, and these systems are usually efficient and inexpensive.  Another advantage of using a forced air system is that the air can be filtered or humidified while it is pumped through the system which can be an easy way to maintain indoor air quality.

The downside of forced air systems is that the ductwork required to deliver the air takes up room in the walls.  Because the heat is delivered through vents they must be left unobstructed to deliver heat evenly through the room.  Also, circulating air through your home can distribute allergens, especially if your air filters are not changed regularly.  It is recommended that you service your furnace once a year, and replace your furnace every 15 years.

Boiler Repair: Baseboard Heating Systems

Many homes use baseboard heating where water is heated in a boiler and then warms the house by heating the pipes in the baseboards.  Baseboard heating is often preferable to other types of heat because the pipes run along each wall of the room, and will heat the room evenly.

Baseboard Heating System

Baseboard heating systems work more slowly than air heat systems.  The water takes time to heat, and then more time to heat the air around it once it is pumped into the rooms.  Boiler heating systems can not be used for cooling.

Water/Steam Boiler Repair: Radiator Heating Systems

For cast iron radiators steam or water is pumped through tubes into radiator units in each room. If you have old cast iron radiators you might have noticed that newer homes have moved away from this system. Although this system works quickly and comfortably, most radiator units are unsightly and occupy space in the room. If you don’t want to install a new heating system you might consider replacing your old radiators with smaller radiators or vertical wall panel units that look better and take up less space.

Besides radiator units taking up space, the steam boilers needed for certain types of radiator heat are more complex than hot water boilers. They have special gauge glass, pressure gauges, blow off valves and automatic feeds that require more maintenance than hot water boilers.

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