Heat Pumps

Unless you work in the HVAC field, or paid extra close attention in science class, you may be surprised to hear that a heat pump is likely one of the best and most efficient options for keeping your home or business cool. Confused? Don’t be. A heat pump is in fact a very simple device that can be used as part of system that will both heat your home during winter months, AND keep it cool when July comes around.

On a basic level, heat pumps function by drawing heat from one area and pumping it into another. For example:

-When you’re home is cold, a heat pump can take heat from the air and ground outside and transfer it through the system’s vents and into your home.


-When your home becomes too warm, the heat pump’s reverse setting can do just the opposite, taking heat from your home and releasing it outdoors

One device. Two equally important functions. With a heat pump, there is no need to spend twice as much installing seperate systems to heat and cool your home or business. And since it only needs to transfer heat, not generate it from scratch, a heat pump is usually one of the most efficient options available, cutting down not just on installation costs, but on utility bills as well. Sound too good to be true? It’s not, and Len Sciuli & Sons can install a heat pump system in your home or business with the same professionalism and affordability we promise to every customer. The money you’ll save on repairs from having it installed right the first time will be just an added bonus. So if you’d like to learn more about a heat pump for your home or business, call Sciuli and Sons today to schedule a free estimate.


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