Carbon Monoxide Leaks from Heating System

Having a carbon monoxide alarm in your house really can save your life.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Last month, Sojurners’ Place, a Wilmington, DE homeless shelter, evacuated 38 residents because of a carbon monoxide leak.

According to Delaware Online, the carbon monoxide alarm went off at 9:45 a.m. on Jan. 22. The cause? According to reports, a panel from the heating roof had blown away, leaking carbon monoxide into the room.

To prevent this from happening in your home or business, we urge you to evaluate your heating systems. Oftentimes, heavy snow and wind can block the exhausts in a heating system resulting in a build-up of the odorless gas. Pinholes in the heating system are blamed for the near deadly incident.

To have your heating system checked out, contact Len Scuilli & Sons.

To read the full Delaware Online story,  click here.

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