Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance Wayne

Sciulli & Sons brings air conditioning services to Wayne home and business owners. We are a fully licensed and insured business that offers full-service repairs as well as air conditioning installation. Contact us 24/7 for emergency repairs.

Wayne Air Conditioning Replacement

Don’t wait until last minute to think about updating your air conditioning service. Our team of trained technicians will provide you with options to meet your personal needs and preferences on a budget. We frequently complete Wayne and Berwyn air conditioning replacements. You have the option of split systems, which feature an indoor and outdoor unit, or packaged systems that feature a single unit. Plus, if you want to stray from traditional AC, we offer high velocity and ductless systems.

High Velocity Systems

High Velocity systems are perfect for Wayne buildings that don’t have the room for traditional ductwork. In these systems, small-diameter ducts blow out high velocity air, creating the same comfort of traditional systems without the hassle and cost.

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Ductless Air Conditioning

Many Wayne buildings don’t have established ductwork, making it difficult and expensive to install a whole new traditional system. Ductless systems make the process a whole lot simpler at a fraction of the cost. This installation requires us to wire an outdoor unit to any number of indoor units, which remain out of the way of any furniture.

AC Repair in Wayne

The Air Conditioners Contractors of America recommend that you have your AC system serviced once a year. While you may not need large repairs, Sciulli & Sons performs fine tuning that will have your system running at full efficiency. For example, a drop in coolant level could be costing you extra on monthly utility bills. We’ll ensure that your system runs at its highest performance.

For all your Chester CountyMontgomery County and Delaware County air conditioning needs, contact Sciulli & Sons today at (610)328-4341.

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