Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance Montgomery County

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Committed and dependable, Len Sciulli & Sons has been keeping Montgomery County families cool for over 20 years. We can install a brand new air conditioning system or do repairs and maintenance for an older system, all at competitive prices. No matter what your AC service needs, Sciulli & Sons is here to help.

AC Repair in Montgomery County

Because Len Sciulli & Sons never cuts corners, when you choose us to do your yearly recommended air conditioning maintenance, you don’t have to worry about constant AC repairs. The routine maintenance we do on your condenser coils, fan motors, and coolant levels pays for itself by significantly reducing your electricity bill .

Montgomery County Air Conditioning Replacement

If you’re thinking about replacing your old AC unit or installing a new one, but don’t know what system is right for you, Len Sciulli & Sons has the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right. We’ll spend the time to explain the variety of options out there so that you get the AC system that is right for you.

High Velocity Systems

Many Montgomery County homes are now choosing high velocity AC systems because they provide significant circulation of dry, comfortable air throughout the house. Some duct installation is necessary, but the mini ducts used for high velocity AC take up much less space and are much easier to install than traditional air conditioning ducts.

Ductless Air Conditioning

Without previously installed ducts in your home or business place, traditional air conditioning may not be a legitimate option. If you want the same comfort as traditional AC without the intrusion and cost of installing the ductwork, ductless AC may be for you. Len Sciulli & Sons only needs to install an outdoor cooling unit wired to a number of indoor units mounted high on the walls away from furniture, and we can offer you the freedom to choose how many units you want.

We provide air conditioning service to the following Montgomery County towns and beyond:

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