Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance Media

Sciulli & Sons is the perfect choice for all your Media air conditioning needs. From full system replacement to seasonal repairs, our team of technicians has the experience to handle any job. Our business has been around for over 20 years, so you can expect quality service and professionalism.


AC Replacement in Media

The summer months in Southeastern Pennsylvania can be brutally hot. Before the heat waves hit, you’ll want to make sure you have an AC system you can count on. If not, contact Sciulli & Sons and we’ll work with you to decide which system is best for you. When we install your Delaware County air conditioning system, you won’t need to worry about constant maintenance. If your home doesn’t have existing ductwork, we have other systems that may work better than traditional air conditioning.

Ductless Air Conditioning

Some older Media homes and businesses do not have existing ductwork. While it may be possible to install new ductwork, it can be a challenge that is not worth the cost or hassle. In these cases, many of our customers choose ductless AC systems that provide the same cool air at a fraction of the cost. The only structural change required for this installation is the addition of holes to run wires from an outdoor system to any number of indoor units.

High Velocity Systems

Other Media customers choose high velocity systems, as they offer some of the same benefits of traditional systems without the extensive ductwork. High velocity air blows out of a smaller duct system to provide dry and comfortable air throughout your home or office.

Air Conditioning Repair in Media

According to the Air Conditioners Contractors of America, air conditioning systems should get serviced once a year. Even newer systems can benefit from a check-up. Sciulli & Sons are experts in fine-tuning all AC systems. Even if coolant levels drop slightly, you’ll likely see an increase on your utility bill. We can ensure that your system is running at its full potential so you won’t lose money. Our team has a great deal of experience working with Media and Newtown Square AC repairs.

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