Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance Malvern

Sciulli & Sons is a fully licensed and insured air conditioning installation and repairs business in Malvern, PA.  For anything from seasonal repairs to new system installation, we can address your questions and concerns.  Our 20 plus years of experience shows in the quality of our work and the professionalism of our staff.

Malvern Air Conditioning Replacement

A reliable AC system is essential to your family’s summer survival.  At Sciulli & Sons, we can replace your old AC system or install an entirely new one, and we can ensure that your new system will run efficiently without running up your energy bill unnecessarily.  We will get the job done right so you won’t have to worry about constant maintenance.  We understand that deciding which AC system to install can be confusing, which is why we will work with you to help you understand your traditional and non-traditional AC options.  We frequently perform Malvern and Berwyn air conditioning replacements.

Ductless Air Conditioning

Some Malvern homes and businesses, especially those in older buildings, do not have the existing ductwork needed for a traditional system.  If that is the case your home or business, installing ductwork might be more hassle than it is worth.  A ductless AC system, which provides the same cool air without the high cost, might be the right choice.   The only structural change we’ll need to make is a few holes in your wall to run wires in between the outdoor and indoor units.

high-velocityHigh Velocity Systems

Some other Malvern residents are choosing to install high velocity AC systems because they offer the same benefits of traditional systems while minimizing the space required for ductwork.  This system utilizes smaller-diameter ducts which blow air at a higher velocity for similar circulation and cooling effects, when compared with a traditional AC system.

Air Conditioning Repair Malvern

According to the Air Conditioners Contractors of America, all AC systems should be serviced once a year for optimal performance.  While you may not be in need of any serious AC repairs, a routine check-up helps ensure that your system is running at its fullest potential, just like having your car inspected.  With basic air conditioning maintenance from Sciulli & Sons, you can be sure that you aren’t losing any money on your utility bills.

Sciulli & Sons will handle all your Chester County AC services.

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