Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance Drexel Hill


When it gets hot this summer in Drexel Hill, you don’t want to find out the hard way about a broken or inefficient air conditioning system.  Contact Len Sciulli & Sons to maintain, install, or repair your system.  We are fully licensed, insured, and well established, so you can expect quality service.

Air Conditioning Repair in Drexel Hill

All air conditioning systems need a routine check-up before the heat of the summer really gets going.  Expert technicians from Sciulli & Sons are true professionals when it comes to fine-tuning AC systems to work effectively and efficiently.  We often perform Upper Darby AC repairs.  After contacting us, we can quickly do all of the routine maintenance to make sure you won’t have any problems come mid-July.

Drexel Hill Air Conditioning Replacement

The peak of the summer in Drexel Hill can be almost unbearable without a functioning AC system.  If you are without AC or just would like a new system in your home or business, Sciulli & Sons has a variety of choices to meet your budget.  In addition to traditional air conditioning system, we can also install a ductless or high velocity system.

High Velocity Systems

Without pre-existing ductwork in your home or business, a traditional AC system may not be within your budget.  Instead, you could consider a high velocity system, which provides the same benefits of a traditional system without the extensive ductwork.  With this system, smaller ducts blow cool, dry air out at a high velocity to create circulation.

Ductless Air Conditioning

Another option if you do not already have ducts in  your home or business is a ductless system.  The only structural change needed to install this system is drilling small holes in your home for wires to run through.  These wires connect the outdoor unit to the indoor units, the number and placement of which is decided by you.

For all your Delaware County AC services, call Len Sciulli & Sons at (610)328-4341.

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