Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance Delaware County

Whether you need a new AC unit or just some basic AC system maintenance before the hot summer months, you can trust that Sciulli & Sons will keep you cool all summer long. Because we’re committed to getting it right the first time, you don’t have to worry about repeated failures and continued maintenance.

Air Conditioning Replacement in Delaware County

Don’t wait until it gets hot to think about air conditioning installation. Whether you have an old system that needs to be replaced or don’t have an AC system in place, Len Sciulli & Sons has a variety of options to match your home’s needs, as well as your budget. In addition to traditional AC systems, we offer ductless AC units as well as high velocity systems.

Ductless Air Conditioning

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Many older homes are not equipped with the ductwork needed for a traditional AC system. Installing the ductwork can be a difficult and expensive process. Another option for these homes is a ductless system, which simply uses an outdoor cooling unit wired to a number of units indoors. This system is much more efficient and powerful than window units and allows you the freedom to choose how many indoor units you want.

High Velocity Systems

In addition to ductless air conditioning systems, high velocity is a new alternative for older homes. Although it does require some ductwork, the ducts take up significantly less space than traditional AC units. In addition, installing a high velocity air conditioning system allows for cold air to be circulated more efficiently and effectively than with a ductless system because the cold air is blown out of the mini ducts into each room at a high velocity.

Air Conditioning Repair in Delaware County

In order to make sure you won’t run into any AC failures in the mid-summer months when it really matters, it is recommended that you have air conditioning maintenance once per year. We can perform this routine maintenance on your system to make sure your family’s home stays cool all summer long.

We provide air conditioning services to the following towns and beyond:

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